A respected cop who can’t shake rumors of ties to the yakuza. Facing mandatory retirement with his beloved wife terminally ill, Shig Sato knows he must confront his fate. How is it that murder is always in the cards?

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The prequel that starts it all

Her death is considered a suicide by overdose. But is it?
Was Setsuko Usami a miserable housewife, or mentally ill? Was her death a suicide, or murder? Uncovering lies at every turn, Inspector Shig Sato realizes whoever killed Usami could get away with murder – and keep hidden an unspeakable truth.
Because murder could be a last resort for anyone.

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The Case that ends shig sato's police career

A Tokyo back alley is no place to die
A beautiful young Japanese woman is dead. Her American boyfriend is nowhere to be found. And a jealous admirer has fled the scene of the crime. Inspector Shig Sato leads the investigation, one of many during his long career. But he is soon realizes the clues lead to a closely guarded secret he’s held onto, one he must now confront for the sake of the victim. Will Sato face up to his past, or bring a killer to justice?  
You won’t be able to stop reading The Gangster’s Son

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an autistic boy becomes the target of a killer

Murder. Arson. Revenge.
Accused of being an accomplice in an insurance fraud scheme that leads to murder, former police inspector Shig Sato begins his own investigation to clear his name. Sato soon discovers an autistic boy knows everything about a so-called ‘perfect plan’ – and that the boy’s life is in danger from a psychotic killer bent on revenge. Sato must walk a fine line between keeping the boy safe while solving the case. For Sato, it becomes a race against time – find out who’s behind the ‘perfect plan’ and save the child from a murderous madman.


Cold war intrigue

An American officer is missing. A mutilated body is found in Tokyo Bay. Are they linked? For Shig Sato, the answers never come easy.
Ex-cop-turned P.I. Shig Sato is on the hunt after being hired to find the missing American. But no official, American or Japanese, is willing to cooperate with his investigation. His search reveals gang feuds, murder, and Cold War espionage at the highest levels of government, all related to getting one answer: Where is the missing American? And who is the body in the Bay?

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murders force sato to confront his past

Tokyo is gripped in fear

A serial killer resumes his gruesome spree. A TV reporter is determined to get the big story. A young detective is on the biggest case of his career. And a heartfelt plea launches P.I. Shig Sato on a search that forces him to confront demons from an early case gone wrong. Will the serial killer evade the task force’s trap? Will Sato expel the guilt of lives lost from arresting the wrong man so many years before?
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